Italian Cultural associations (lgbt and not)


We are a social promotion association (APS) that actively fights for the human and civil rights of LGBTQI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, transgender, queer and intersexual) minorities and opposes any form of discrimination based on different orientations sexual, gender identity, religion, skin color etc.

Our goals are:

  • promotion of information, awareness and training activities on issues dear to the LGBTQI community;
  • the promotion of campaigns, voluntary projects, concrete solidarity for the defense of human rights and assistance to victims of social exclusion and discrimination of all kinds.

DGP comes from a new sensibility that aims to foster the growth of a society in which LGBTQI people live visible and integrated, without prejudices. We are attentive to the political and social situation; in this context we try to leave behind the clichés and promote discussion groups and moments of discussion on the most varied subjects, maintaining a political and thematic transversality that guarantees pluralism and free expression. This meaning of transversality is the founding spirit of DGP, because it implies aggregation with respect to common objectives, without asking the members for political affiliation or discriminating on the basis of this.

Interpersonal and friendship relations are among the priorities and, for this purpose, DGP organizes moments of aggregation and fun open to all.

Offered services:

  • Meetings by appointment with President Maria Laura Annibali

To discuss any social, political, feminine, future events and much more you can make an appointment with our president, Maria Laura Annibali writing to the email leaving your name, surname, telephone number and briefly writing the reasons for the meeting.

  • Legal, medical and psychological advice on-line

Through a simple form you can write your problem or your doubts to our specialists in the field. In a few days you will receive the answer to your questions in complete anonymity. All professionals who follow the advisory services of DGP do so in a free and voluntary way.

  • Legal help

A section of the site dedicated to legal issues, with some useful contributions drawn up by the legal team of DGP on issues such as inheritance, homophobic aggressions, mobbing, de facto couples, parenting, HIV, etc.

  • Free legal desk

If you have problems of a legal nature, come and visit us for advice. There will be our lawyers willing to help you. Every second and fourth Tuesday of the month from 17.30 to 19.00 at our office (via Costantino 82 – Metro B – Basilica San Paolo).

  • Stop Aids

An information and prevention site on sexually transmitted diseases and especially on HIV, with an online medical, psychological and legal advice service.

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