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AICS – Associazione Italiana Cultura e Sport

It is classified among the National Sporting Promotion Boards (EPS). Over the years it has extended its fields of interest to the areas of solidarity, culture, social policies, the Third Sector, social tourism, the environment, attention towards the marginalized and the disabled, civil protection and training.

The AICS was born from the experience gained in the ’50s by two distinct associations, that of the Italian Sports Club (UCSI) and that of the Italian Social Sports Association (ASSI). The first National Congress of the Association was interpreted in Rome on the occasion of the decision to combine these two circuits to face the development of Italian society with a new project. On September 14, 1962, also in Rome, the National Council of the Association was held, which completed the founding path in terms of cultural and representative address. The Constitutive Act was drafted on October 10, 1962 in the presence of Giacomo Brodolini, Cesare Bensi, Matteo Matteotti, Enrico Guabello, Giovanni Piepoli and Enrico Manca, with the name Associazione Italiana Circoli Sportivi (AICS) and as a non-profit association for the promotion of cultural and social initiatives and sports activities for the whole population. The manuscript deed by the notary Francesco Alfieri (Rep. 19499 Prog. 8489) is now preserved in the District Notary Archives of Rome (R. 7462 pages 403-419). The Association was formed when the post-war reconstruction ended, at the beginning of the 60s, Italy began to confront the new problems of the industrial society, showing more attention to domestic rather than international issues. However, many felt that the reality of the Cold War would be overcome not only by military initiatives or political power, but also by an overall transformation of society, of cultural ideals, of many concrete behaviors. In those years, in Italy as in other countries, the contrast of the Cold War also translated into electoral representations that favored belonging to one or the other side, or encouraged to undertake alternative paths. In these paths the AICS continues to find energy for its own development. In the electoral confrontation between the Christian Democrats (DC) and the Italian Communist Party (PCI), the Italian Socialist Party (PSI) was the smallest faction and in which the social conflicts and the search for alternative solutions were more evident, both in practice as daily as in horizons of new ideality. In this situation, the PSI has certainly been an important reference that has contributed to the growth of the AICS, giving it an important political support, and that has drawn ideas, experiences and resources from AICS.

The AICS organizes its initiatives subdividing them into 16 sectors:

  • Sports;
  • Environment;
  • LGBT Department (GAYCS);
  • Equal Commission;
  • Communication and Press;
  • Organization;
  • Youth Policies;
  • Social Policies;
  • Civil protection;
  • International Policies;
  • Relations with MIUR;
  • Civil service;
  • Third sector;
  • Culture;
  • Scientific Committee;
  • Tourism.

S.S. LAZIO BASKET – Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica S.S. Lazio Basket

The S.S. Amateur Sports Association Lazio Basket is a section of the Lazio Sports Club, the largest Polisportiva in Europe, founded in Rome on January 9th, 1900. S.S. Lazio Basket has been an important team in the history of the Italian national championship. It has been refounded from zero by the current President, Simone Santi, an Italian entrepreneur, whose family has always played an important role on the basketball scene in Italy.

The focus of the association is on social activities. Through the initiative called “Progetto Colors”, S.S. Lazio Basket has offered children of different nationalities living in disadvantaged areas of Italy (and especially Rome) the opportunity to learn a sport that, just like education, is one of the greatest tools of equality of our time. Up to now, hundreds of young players of about 30 nationalities have had the opportunity to play basketball for free in various centers created by the Colors Project in Italy. Within the same Project, S.S. Lazio Basket has also created in Zimpeto, a suburb of the Mozambican capital Maputo, basketball teams for boys and girls of different ages, inside a center for orphans and street children. Women’s teams have quickly achieved very positive results (Mozambique has a long tradition in women’s basketball) and played in the official Mozambique championships (with exceptional results). For this purpose a local branch of Lazio Basket was established, the Associação Desportiva Lazio Basket.

In Italy, S.S. Lazio Basket has concluded agreements with schools and parishes and has organized in their local sports activities for migrants, Roma and young Italians in disadvantaged situations, offering youngsters the opportunity to train with coaches Lazio Basket assisted by psychologists. Still, in the last 4 years, S.S. Lazio Basket has realized the project “Colors and Life”, in collaboration with Caritas, involving in sport activities 32 children of different nationalities resident in the province of Rome (Area of ​​San Cesareo, Zagarolo, Palestrina). The project ended with the participation of a mixed team in the CSI under-13 championship. S.S. As a Lead Partner, Lazio Basket is also involved in the “WELCOME – Integration of young refugees through sport activity” project, which also involves two European Polisportives – HASK Mladost (Croatia) and APOEL (Cyprus) – and is co-funded by the Erasmus + program ‘European Union.


After a long stop, the S.S. Lazio Badminton. The organizational chart includes Claudio Morino, vice president Lucia Russo and advisors Roberto Vecchi, Aldo Di Biagio, Enzo Giancontieri, Paolo Caputo and Mariagrazia Morino. In the association already about 100 members of different ethnic groups that meet every Sunday from 9 to 13 at PalaLuiss in Piazza Mancini. “In addition to agonism – the president explained – our goal is not only to introduce this discipline, but also to create a meeting point between the many ethnic groups. On the site we have the Lazio Badminton project in schools, with which we will give demonstrative lessons to the students of the Capital ».


On May 20, 2010 the Presidential Committee of the S.S. Lazio decrees the entrance of the S.S. Lazio Sport Dance in Polisportiva Lazio as associated activity. Affiliated to F.I.D.S. Italian Dance Sport Federation (unique in the sector recognized by CONI), E.N.D.A.S. National Democratic Body of Social Action and therefore present in the Register of Companies of CONI, there are registered students of all ages who practice the discipline for fun or for racing. Various types of dance practiced at the many facilities (Ponte Galeria, Piramide, Fiumicino and Focene), as the standard and Latin American dances (present from the next Olympics), Caribbean and Argentine; for groups and formations: syncro latin, choreographic dance and show dance. The competitive value of registered students is represented by couples (about 15, of all ages, in addition to others from other schools) and by groups that constantly attend school, for training, lessons, stages and more: they participate annually in the Championship Italian, private races on national and international territory, regional championship. The path is similar for the amateur and promotional sector too. Although very young (the company was founded in 2008 by the merger of two schools managed separately by the current administrators, Martellucci Serena and Costa Barbara), thanks to the numerous competitors and students of the promotional / amateur sector, after only 2 years of activity the S.S. Lazio Amateur Dance Sport S.r.l. needs larger spaces (it is not easy to find structures of minimum 400 square meters with parquet and mirrors and economically accessible). The Italian Champions of Argentine Tango cl. C in charge are part of the S.S. school Lazio Danza Sportiva and moreover, thanks to the score obtained, 5 couples have earned the transition to the upper class, one of which in the international class. The activities are proposed and supervised by the same technical technicians of the technical / artistic management who also operate in the primary and secondary public schools of 1 °, in which, for some years now, integrated courses have been activated (with pathologies found both in physical / psychological nature, that of serious environmental maladjustment) in school hours (as implementation) or as a matter of widening the training plan (still constituting credit, and as such, object of evaluation); the courses are structured as first forms of agonism in school age (Student Sports Games). One of the latest victories, the performance of the group integrated by some certified disabled or “bordline” of the middle school of Ostia, which in addition to classifying first at the Sports Games, have performed at the opening of the Paralympic Sports Day of 15 October 2009, at the Gardens of Castel S. Angelo.

S.S. LAZIO NUOTO – Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica S.S. Lazio Nuoto

S.S. Lazio Nuoto is one of the oldest sections of the Lazio Sports Society. Founded in 1900, it is the forerunner section, having been the first biancocelesti swimmers and runners, then footballers, hikers and rowers. Swimming, water polo and diving are the three disciplines in which the company is more involved. Among these stand out the team that militates in the Italian Championship of Water Polo Series A1, and divers of the caliber of Nicola and Maria Marconi. The company’s debut in swimming takes place in the spring / summer of 1900, in the waters of the Tiber. Then the pools did not exist. And it was immediately triumph. Romeo Tofini wins from super outsider the supergara “Championship of the Tiber” in front of the consortium Vincenzo Altieri, beating the star of the time Costantino Pizzingrilli of Rari Nantes Rome in front of the public of great occasions, gathered as part of the events to celebrate the new century.

S.S. LAZIO CALCIO A5 FEMMINILE – Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica S.S. Lazio Calcio A5 Femminile

The Amateur Sports Association Lazio Sport Lazio 5 is the soccer section 5 of the Polisportiva S.S. Lazio. From its foundation until today it has always played in the top flight. It was founded in 1996 in Rome, after the acquisition of the sporting title of Torrino Sporting Club, by the founders Roberto Sordini, Fabio Cragnotti and Fabio Quaglia. In the first season in Serie A, 1996-97 ended in third place, in the following year instead conquered Scudetto and Coppa Italia. In 1998-99 he managed to reach the final of the European Champions Tournament (progenitor of the UEFA Cup), but was defeated in the final by Dina Mosca. The victory of the second Italian Cup and, in the youth sector, of the Juniores championship, softened the season finale. The 2016/2017 season sees the men’s Serie A reach an anticipated salvation at the end of a very hard season, but that has in the permanence of the category the point of maximum happiness. The victory at the home of the Kaos in the second round and the success at the table with Pescara was decisive. At the same time, however, a not brilliant vintage for the female Elite. The greatest successes, however, come once again from the youths: the Giovanissimi take the Scudetto, the students stop only in the regional final, the Juniores of Reali comes to a breath from the tricolor, beaten 1-0 by Napoli in the final championship. Who sews the biancorossoverde on the chest is the female U18 that, for the second consecutive year, wins the Italian title. 2017-18 consumes yet another revolution: after three seasons the marriage with coach Mannino, replaced by Gianfranco Angelini, is interrupted. The vintage is the lowest point in the history of the company: the team, which immediately appeared inadequate to the highest category, plots in the rear, leading to the newly promoted Milan the penultimate position that would avoid direct relegation. Angelini is exonerated during the second round and replaced by Fabrizio Reali, however, he can not reverse the course. In the meantime, the successful resignation of Pescara reduces to one the number of retrocessions, determined by the play-out between the last and second-last classified. Lazio and Milan end the regular season paired but the best goal difference rewards the Lombard team, which will play the return home race.

S.S. LAZIO CALCIO A11 FEMMINILE – Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica S.S. Lazio Calcio A11 Femminile

Lazio Women’s Football Club, better known as Lazio, is an Italian women’s soccer club based in the city of Rome. In the 2017-2018 season he played in the Serie C group, the third series of the Italian women’s soccer championship. Founded in 1969, it has won 5 championships, of which the last in 2002, and four Italian Cups.

Since 1975 it is one of the sections of Polisportiva Lazio while the football club of the same name has its own women’s team, which in 2015 was registered in the Serie B championship after the allocation of the Lazio Football Women’s Sporting title


Yellow Tennis Rome is located in Via Lungotevere di Pietra Papa 2. We have other offices located in Naples, Salerno and Turin. We are an association that deals with tennis in the field of LGBT, and not only: we also play ping pong, soccer and bridge.


In December 2004 a group of friends decided to register for the Frankfurt tournament and won the gold medal !!! It’s just the beginning … In this experience the foundations that will lead to the birth of the association are founded. In May 2005 the “Roma Volley” project was born: Gianni was elected president and a board of directors was appointed and together they will have to deal with the first gay volleyball association in Rome. He participates with a team at the Paris tournament. In June the name of the nascent association is decided: “RoMan Volley”.

And with this name, two teams take part in the Eurogames in Utrecht, obtaining a first and a fourth place. In September the project becomes a reality: the RoMan Volley association was founded in Rome. You take part with three teams at the Milan and Bologna tournaments, winning them both. In October, RoMan Volley enrolled in the UISP championship, the membership campaign was launched. It starts with 15 members, and the training begins: every Monday evening in a small gym on the tiburtina there is the RoMan! In December, RoMan Volleyball organizes its first Christmas tournament in which around 30 people take part!

ARA – Associazione Romana Arbitri

Roman Association of Referees (A.R.A.) deals with the training, technical management and disciplinary control of Roman amateur football referees. The A.R.A. was founded in 2005 and is associated with AICS (Italian Association of Culture and Sports), national body of sports and cultural promotion, in whose activity the association deals with the management of the football sector.

Our team of referees is made up of highly qualified people who have years of experience in the fields of 5-a-side football, 8-a-side football and 11-a-side football in the most prestigious national and national amateur and amateur tournaments.

Each arbitrator A.R.A. It has DIADORA social uniforms and the necessary kit to carry out the activity, boasting an impeccable formal aspect, unique in the panorama of the amateur sector.

What characterizes the association is the continuous care given to the training of the referee who participates in periodic updating meetings with technical insights and meetings with a sports psychologist in order to increase even with suggestions of behavioral nature.

The associative guide aims to raise the professional knowledge of its members, reinforcing the motivation and commitment in the activity carried out and at the same time to create moments of sociability and fun with a sporting season embellished with numerous dinners, galas and parties that have become unmissable appointments for members and their families.

The prestigious ARA school annually produces football refining professionals and is a point of reference for the most important sports centers of the Capital and Lazio.

The objectives of the association are PROFESSIONALISM and AGGREGATION.

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