For more than 10 years now, Orange Futbolclub has been an institution and a point of reference in the Roman football scene thanks to its infrastructure, staff and ambiance that make this the ideal place for those who live for football, but not only for them. One of a kind in Italy, Orange Futbolclub is the perfect place for football fans and their families. It has two separate locations: one is in Via degli Olimpionici and has eight-man football, futsal, soccer jam (3 vs 3) and jorky ball (2 vs 2) fields, while Futbolcampus, the other location in Tor di Quinto in Via del Baiardo has the traditional football field. At Futbolclub you can also find Orange Fitnesclub, a new fitness centre with gym, wellness area, hair studio and beauty centre in addition to Orange Padelclub – two fields at your disposal for recreational purposes or for private classes.

Address: Via degli Olimpionici, 71 – 00196 Roma (RM)
Telephone: +39 068076239


Palatorrino lies on a 15.000 m² surface and has a 2.000 m² sports facility featuring an indoor court able to host up to 400 people. In addition to that there are two 80 m² gyms that can be transformed into four 40 m² gyms, eight locker rooms with 40 showers, one medical room and one physiotherapy room. A reception, offices, a showroom and a terrace overlooking the Tiber Valley complete the venue.

The indoor court measurements are 24m x 44m, making it ideal for any indoor activity. It has linoleum floors with marks for volleyball, basketball, futsal and other sports.

The two gyms are located on the right side of the venue. They have independent access and are both equipped with wide wheelchair accessible locker rooms. The outdoor area will soon have two football fields for 7-man football, equipped with bleachers and independent locker rooms. The two fields will be adjacent in order to optimize the outdoor area and in order to facilitate the organization of tournaments. There will also be playgrounds and outdoor sport programs for kids. The rest of the outdoor area will be ideal for family and child-friendly events, including initiatives such as summer schools and services such as baby parking, birthday parties and neighborhood events organization and catering.

Address: Via Fiume Giallo,47/65 – 00144 Roma (RM)
Telephone: +39 065203321


The Fonte Roma Eur Sports Centre, built by Fonte Meravigliosa Sports Association in partnership with the Municipality of Rome is considered to be the biggest sports centre in Latium in terms of sports package. It is located in the Fonte Meravigliosa district between the ancient Via Laurentina and Via Ardeatina, and its modern structure covers about 10.000 m². The sports centre hosts a 2000  m² Fitness area and has a tennis court. The swimming pool, thanks to its telescopic roof, can be used all the year round. PalaFonte is the union of two arenas with wooden floorboards that are used for basketball, volleyball, badminton, futsal, skating and climbing. Last but not least, a wellness centre with solarium, sauna, steam room, whirlpool, massage centre, medical rooms and physiotherapy and private parking. Italian national volleyball and basketball teams often come here for their retreats, and this sports centre even hosted the Boston Celtics (NBA) for their training camp in Rome. In addition to that, there is also a pay-tv hall, arcade, baby parking service, reading room, bar, restaurant.

Address: Via Roberto Ferruzzi,112 – 00143 Roma (RM)
Telephone: +39 0651962881


Brunswick Bowling was established in 1963 by a group of Italian and American entrepreneurs who wanted to create a one-of-a-kind recreational centre, and this eventually became a point of reference for all Romans. Several VIPs came here to play bowling, while the venue has hosted many international competitions. Brunswick Bowling has 24 FISB certified tracks, ensuring the highest professional requirements. In addition to that, there is also a minigolf course and a food court.

Address: Lungotevere dell’Acqua Acetosa,10 – 00197 Roma (RM)
Telephone: +39 068086147


The Paralympic Training Centre located in Via delle Tre Fontane, Rome is the first Italian multi-purpose project specifically dedicated to practicing and promoting sport for people living with physical, sensorial and relational disabilities. The venue covers an area of 7 ha, and is equipped for favouring both recreational and competitive levels of sport for both disabled and non-disabled people. At the training centre people can practice several sports such as tennis, torball, football, futsal, swimming, fencing, athletics, table tennis and modern dance. To date, the office building with the locker rooms, the swiming pool, the athletics tracks, the football field, the tennis courts, the futsal fields and the restaurant have been built along with the parking area and the park. The completion of the project will feature the construction of a multi-purpose building and a guest house with the aim to start an active welfare program for rehabilitation purposes. This is a one-of-a-kind project charachterized by the complete accessibility the venue offers its guests.

The Paralympic Training Centre also hosts events and matches, and it offers internship opportunities for all students from schools affiliated to the Paralympic Committee in order to establish better integration among disabled and non-disabled people.

Address: Via delle Tre Fontane,25/27 – 00141 Roma (RM)
Telephone: +39 0683531212


Il Bocciodromo, che potremmo definire meglio il palazzetto dello sport, è il posto giusto per organizzare grandi eventi privati ​​(ad es. Meeting e conferenze), feste aziendali, cerimonie e molto altro. Una struttura interna immersa nel verde di un parco che si estende per circa 35.000 metri quadrati, può vantare 650 posti all’interno delle bancarelle, che aumentano anche se si considera la pista, dove molto spesso viene allestito un palco per la musica o per eventi aziendali. L’intera arena occupa 1.800 metri quadrati ed è stata progettata in conformità con le più avanzate tecnologie di efficienza energetica, acustica e sostenibilità ambientale. Nato allo scopo di aggregazione, il Bocciodromo è diventato, in pochi anni, un punto di riferimento per eventi sportivi e culturali locali e nazionali. Il fiore all’occhiello del FIB Federal Technical Center.

Tre discipline praticate nel centro e riconosciute dalla Federazione Italiana Bocce:

-raffa (ciotole più grandi e materiale sintetico)

-volo (ciotole più grandi e in metallo)

-petanque (ciotole di misura e dimensioni più piccole delle altre)

Il Centro ha un ristorante, un bar con un tavolo caldo e una piscina.

Address: Via Fiume Bianco,75 – 00144 Roma (RM)
Telephone: +39 0669411266


The facility was built in 1959 because of the need to have training fields in preparation for the Games of the XVII Olympic Games in Rome. The right exedra Area Rugby has an area of about 51,000 square meters, located in the southern quadrant of Rome (EUR), bordered by Via Cristoforo Colombo and the viaduct of Magliana, a few steps from the Metro Magliana. The Tre Fontane currently has a multi-purpose Calcio-Rugby pitch with 5000-seat grandstands and two natural grass Rugby pitches.

Address: Via delle Tre Fontane,5 – 00144 Rome (RM)
Telephone : +39 0654220062

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