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was born in 1993. It is based in Rome (Italy). ECA has registered at the Regional Book of Voluntary Service – Social Service since 1998 (Lazio Region).

ECA takes part in the Regional Volunteering Conference and has been indicated by the Lazio Region Volunteering Observatory among the eight most representative organizations for the designation by the Regional Council of Lazio of the 4 representatives of the Voluntary Organizations within the Committee of Management of the Special Volunteering Fund required by Law 266/91.

ECA is a social promotion and volunteering institution and it had been engaging since 25 years in the social sector and it is a creator of numerous projects for citizens and for vulnerable population financed and approved by national public institutions.

ECA deals with

  • AIDS prevention and fighting (first initiatives realized in 1999)
  • supporting immigrants (first initiatives realized in 1999)
  • helping women victim of violence (first initiatives realized in 2003)
  • tackling sexual discrimination and homophobia (first initiatives realized in 2009)

ECA has been investing 25 years close to vulnerable and distress people.

The multiple projects drawn up,  coordinated and managed by ECA are efficient and successful services to the citizen.

The President of ECA, Adriano Bartolucci Proietti, who was nominated  national coordinator of GAYCS, department  LGBT of AICS, one of the most famous body for promoting social issues and sport issues, affiliated to CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee, the national institution with the aims of organizing and strengthening Italian sport through national sports federations and in particular the preparation of athletes in order to allow them to participate in the Olympic Games and the promotion of national sport). Thanks to the work of the President,very active forLGBT Italian movement, has made an important collaboration with GAYCS, with which is actively committed against homophobia and the fight to discrimination in sport on the basis of sexual orientation.


The association promote culture and art, the exploitation of the local handicraft products and the brotherhood among the people through the artistic expression; besides his/her own activity wants to always give a concrete look on the more remarkable social phenomena through a careful study on the most meaningful problem list of our historical moment.

Factory 1342 promve formation, planning and realization of educational and artistic events.

Some project already implemented:

October 2008:

26/10/2008 Karaokes Festival, evening of karaoke devoted to all the dilettantes to I him/it of the Capital;

February 2010:

28/02/2010: Supper of welcome for all the new affiliate to the association;

21/02/2010: Party of Carnival to free theme, open to all the partners and to the citizen.

March 2010:

21/03/2010: “Welcome Spring”, day ludica with games of group and pic-nic for his/her children and their parents, develops near the Park of the Caffarella;

29/03/2010: Collective reading of sacred texts, meditation and reflection for the preparation to the arrival of the Saint Easter;

April 2010:

24/04/2010: debate and reflection on the today’s meaning of the celebrations devoted to the date of April (party of the liberation from the nazifascismo in Italy) 25;

May 2010:

17/05/2010: day against to the omofobia, with meeting with the community LGBT and heterosexual to appraise common actions against the serious problem of the omofobia;

June and July 2010:

Preparation for “Emergenty” Festival of the emergent artists, had developed him since June 30 to July 5 near the bookstore Bibli. Street of the Fienarolis 28, Rome. Collective show formed by a variegated group of artists with photographic harvests, pictures, graphic works and lamps on purpose realized for the occasion.

December 2010:

19/12/2010: “Together for the Fine-cultural Solidarity”, fantastic tombola with music, songs and collective dances; parodies and karaoke. An intense to follow him of comic gag,that has given moments of happy-go-lucky cheerfulness to the participants, through one of the most ancient games. The demonstration is developed with the patronage in Rome Capitale Town hall Rome II.

February 2011:

Also the second edition of “EMERGENTY. Festival of the Emergent Artists” you/he/she has seen the great success of public of his/her first edition. The demonstration is held on February 12 near the House Generalizia Figlie of the Charity Canossiane, in the Street Aurelia Antica 180.

December 2012. December 2013:

Realization of the denominated project “let’s Transmit us the Life” on the prevention and the treatment of the sexually transmissible illnesses, through the contribution of the Department Economic and Social Planning. Direction Regional Social Politics and Family. Area Third Sector of the Region Lazio. The actions for the popularization of the project have been of various type: from the dynamic publicity, through the use of mobile sails, to that on the web, up to the distribution during evenings, parties and organized meetings, as well as on the road particularly in the places frequented by the community lgbt.

October 2014:

Implementation of the project in the jail of Regina Coeli “Percorsi PartecipAttivi.”


Main partner of Italian Gaymes


Main partner of Festival Letteratura LGBT


SOS Rights and Legality is a voluntary association founded in Rome on 20 January 2012 with the aim of promoting legality and justice, urging civil society in the fight against mafias and promoting human rights immediately and everywhere, with courage, passion, effectiveness and competence. It is a non-partisan, non-denominational association, without discrimination of race, sex, religion, language, nationality, political ideology and excludes any profit and pursues aims of human solidarity.

It is duly registered in the appropriate Regional Register and governed by Law 266/91. The main activity of the association is to provide (in 5 operational offices in different districts of Rome) a free legal advice for the less well-off and aims to spread a greater awareness of citizens’ rights and an enhancement of the roles they carried out in different social contexts, expanding the knowledge of the rights and duties connected to the roles themselves. The association is now a reality operating in the capital and has always sought, from birth, to guarantee every citizen a complete and efficient multidisciplinary approach. SOS Rights and Legality organizes periodically, public events to promote respect for human rights.

From 2012 to 2016 he managed a center for citizens located in Rome in Via F. Ughelli 28 / A where, in addition to legal advice, the following activities were carried out:

  • Center for gender violence, with the support of lawyers and psychologists
  • Help desk for foreigners, coordinated by experienced immigration lawyers and international law;
  • Tax assistance center
  • Consulting desk on civil and commercial mediation
  • Euro-planning workshops are organized on a monthly basis in order to involve young people in the area in the conception, preparation and implementation of community projects, in particular Erasmus +
  • Foreign language courses

The association has a constantly updated website where it is possible to request an online legal consultation and is the publisher of a webmagazine

It also has a Facebook page and periodically sends newsletters to its members through its communication office.

The association in addition to the dedication and commitment of volunteer lawyers who lend their work for free makes use of the commitment of about 70 volunteers who ensure the smooth functioning of the association and every single activity making itself available to deal with internal organization, welcoming citizens and foreigners, looking for useful equipment and actively attending meetings and / or events. The volunteers of SOS Rights and Legality (young people aged 18-35) with their commitment and their passion are an indispensable resource for our association.

The association organizes numerous seminars among which

  • The Europe we want – Dissemination of results and presentation of the Erasmus Plus program – Rome, 24 July 2015
  • “Prisons: between education and repression”, Rome 2 December 2014,
  • “Juvenile Justice”, Rome 2 July 2014,
  • “For a reform of access to the legal profession”, Rome 20 February 2014,
  • “Young people in changing Rome”, Rome 20 November 2013.

On December 6, 2014 the association was the promoter of the event “Rome against all mafias” that took place in Piazza del Campidoglio in Rome.

The association was also the winner of numerous local and / or regional calls for projects with a strong social impact, in particular:

  • “A man who is wrong remains a man”, law lessons for prisoners inside the Regina Coeli and Rebibbia prison facilities in Rome,
  • “Small Yes! But with great rights “, paths of active citizenship in elementary schools in the suburbs of Rome,
  • “Call for Ideas” promoted by the Lazio Region.

Internationally, since its foundation, it is active in the European field, participating in various European projects (in particular Youth in Action and Erasmus Plus), acquiring the necessary skills related to the conception, implementation and management of a community project, in particular the Erasmus Plus KA1 training courses.

  • Social Startups for Entrepreneurship – SOS for Entrepreneurship [Year 2014] • European Active Citizens Today [Year 2015] • LOVE Me Gender – Gender Equality for Youth Participation [Year 2015] • DNA – Discover Nature Awareness [Year 2016] • ERASMO + Empower Rural Areas: Seed More Opportunities “[Year 2016]

YEAR 2017

– Organizational partner of the “Italian Gaymes 2017” project

– Organization of the event “La partita dei Diritti” (7 July 2017)

– Organizational partner of the “LGBT Literature Festival” project

– European partner of the “Roma-Euro Gaymes 2019” project

– Partner of the project “A casa di papà”

– European partner of the “Young Leaders Inter


SOS EUROPA is an indipendent association of social promotion based in Rome. It was created to spread the European cultural values and for improving integration inside and outside the Union, encouraging mobility of young people by promoting cultural exchange and knowledges exchange, participatory and active European citizenship, networking opportunities. The Association is not profit and seeks esclusively scopes of social, human, civil and cultural solidarity and of ethic research. The Association organizes courses, training, seminars and is partner of several European projects.

In particular SOS EUROPA pursues primarily the following aims:

  • commitment to the creation of an intercultural and supportive society, that is directed to encounter and exchange with the Other;
  • education to civil liability and active citizenship;
  • to develop awareness, social consciousness and competence in young generations;
  • promotion of youth and social policies;
  • cultural education and youth policy at European and international level;
  • promotion of youth mobility in cultural, educational and work opportunities;
  • support for young artists, in the fields of visual arts, theater, music, performing arts and creative freedom in general;
  • to promote free flow of ideas and spread of free software in computer world;
  • to promote and to develop paths of non-formal education.

SOS Europa is partner of the third edition of Italian Gaymes, cultural sporting event against sex discrimination, and Euro 2019 Gaymes partners, a sporting event for the LGBT community. SOS Europa is one of the founders of the Italian National Gay Friendly Team ( SOS Europa periodically organizes courses about europlanning for its volunteers.

Headquartered in Rome, SOS Europa wants to be a reference point for people and organizations interested in the dynamics of European integration.

On their facebook page SOS Europa shares all the informations about the Erasmus Plus program and about how to participate in mobility projects.

We are experts in planning and dealing with socio-medical and educational services for the individual, the family and entire social groups in order to prevent difficult situations, permit the cure, the rehabilitation and the integration in everyday life of people with problems.

The elements that distinguish us are quality, professionality and personalization in the assistance as well as monitoring and innovation in our processes and our activities.

The most important aspect of our activities is the active participation of the People in need respecting their individuality, their dignity, their rights and their life. We promote the cure of the people who work, respecting their dignity and defending their rights.

The association is based on background and experience of its members, for years involved in associations and experts in EU policies. The idea of the founders of SOS Europa is to concentrate its efforts on the development of young people, actively encourage and support their participation in educational, social, cultural and economic environmment, in order to contribute to the improvement of communities in which they live.

In particular, Association SOS Europa is specialized in the following areas, covering the main objectives and activities of the project: promotion of lifelong learning as tool for constantly adapting to changes and for achieving personal and professional growth; promotion of educational activities, of professional development and of social skills of young people, for being suitable and effectively integrated  in dynamics of the society; involvement in social integration of people at the risk of social exclusion; dissemination of European opportunities for mobility and training; promotion of vocational training as instrument to increase youth employment and entrepreneurship; development and organization of training courses, groups work, seminars, events, conferences and youth exchanges, with a focus on Erasmus+.

SOS Europa wants also to provide equal opportunities in education and integration in the labour market for the most disadvantaged groups of people, for those with fewer opportunities or living in difficult situations. To promote European intercultural dialogue, social inclusion, equal opportunities, respect and diversity. To promote European citizenship and to improve the conditions for a civil and democratic participation at European level. To establish and promote networks and relationships at local, national and European level.

At international level, since its foundation, SOS Europa is active on the European field, thanks to knowledges of its members, who already have a solid background of experiences relating to conception, implementation and management of community projects, in particular about the training courses Erasmus Plus KA1.

SOS Europa carried out its first workshop of the European Projecting in which participated a lot of young people that now cooperate with the Association itself.


IDEA EUROPA is a not profit organization Promote the peace, the social and economic justice, the equality and the guarantee of the rights of citizen, the democracy and the share from the lower part, the social inclusion and the interculural dialogue

Mobility and international volontary, juvenile politics, migrations and struggle to the racism, analysis of the public politics of budget, economic and social, sustainable development, struggle to the inequalities, is to the center of its social appointment.

Idea Europa has the ambition to succeed in spreading the European culture in Italy, approaching non-profit the associations to the community institutions, thanks to the development of projects financed of which it follows the whole bureaucratic, administrative and managerial run in the respect of the norms established by the European Committee.

Idea Europa writes, coordinates and manages projects in partenship with University and Centers of Search, Associations of category and Public and Private Corporate body both Italian and foreigners.

The projects implemented by our Association, both as leader and as partner, is about the public health to the culture, from the formation to the justice and from the social search to the technological search, sticking to the different proclamations launched with the community planning.

The mission of Idea Europa is to diffusion of the European culture, it organizes courses of formation on the community institutions, on the scouting of the proclamations emanated from the European Committee and on the Project Management of community projects, with the purpose to spread, to promote and to attract on the territory all the opportunities of financing offered by the European union. The association, for implementation of all activities, uses some collaboration of qualified professionals that they have reached during the years important and prestigious results in the circle of the planning and analist, budget of projects financed by European Commission.


The UIL was born out of the will of a group of men who were bearers of common idealities, capable of identifying achievable goals and endowed themselves with a modern democratic, independent, autonomous and socialist organization in their ends. The collaboration is the result of the memorandum of understanding signed by the union with Aics, which through its Gaycs department promotes and implements the initiative. Many members of our union practice sports activities that are also represented in these games today. Uil CD could not fail to support and support this initiative through the widest collaboration, especially in terms of participation in tournaments and expanding its communication and promotion activities through its information channels.

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