Gender stereotypes, homo-transphobia and bias in media

Mainstream media have a hard impact in our way of seeing roles between men and women as well as between straight and gay, bisexual, intersex and transgender people.

Ads, TV shows and films portray people with noticeable characteristics based upon stereotypes which reinforce our convictions about what a male or female should be. So we can end up having bias on gender roles and sexual orientations even if we think we have an inclusive approach.

Language itself can reinforce the bias, enhancing bad habits that are hard to die.

With an expert in media and language bias, this workshop will carry out a critical analysis of certain communication contents in order to elaborate tools and methodologies to identify the impact of stereotypes and prejudices on our behaviours and reduce them.


The workshop is particularly recommended for coaches, teachers and PE teachers.


Speaker: Alessandro Paesano – Expert and Trainer in media and communication

Saturday 6th July 2019
from 14.30 to 17.30

AICS National Offices,
Via Barberini 68,


Transgender and Intersex people in sport

                                          Experts workshop/seminar on “I” and “T” inclusion in sport


There is a great debate about transgender athletes and no consolidate practices are available especially in amateur sport.

In 2015 alone, the International Olympic Committee issued the new guidelines concerning transgender athletes, in order to allow them to choose their elective competition gender regardless of sex reassignment. Those who transit from female to male gender are allowed to compete in the male category without restrictions.

Those who transit from male to female gender can participate in the female category declaring they will not change their declared identity for the next 4 years and showing that in the 12 months prior the first competition they maintained a certain level of testosterone (lower at 10 nmol / L).

These guidelines are just the first solution to a deep and complex issue which requires the consideration of safety for all athletes, differences among sports, differences between facts and cultural heritage. With the help of activists and transgender athletes, this workshop will focus on case histories and personal experiences from grassroots sport to professional levels.


Paola Biondi – Psychologist

Giulia Senofonte – Researcher in the field of endocrinology

Giovanni Guercio – Lawyer (specialized in I & T issues)

Katherine Burrows – Activist for Transgender rights and athlete

Cristina Leo – Activist for Transgender rights

Isabella Imbimbo – Researcher in the field of neuroscience

Antonella Palmitesta – Sexologist

Representative of Saifip (Public health service for transgender identities)

Sunday 7th July 2019
from 10.30 to 14.30

Via Francesco Negri 67-69

(UAAR Office – Metro B Piramide/Garbatella),



Racism and double discriminations

                               Experts workshop/seminar. Exploring intersections among racism and homophobia.

This Workshop aims to address the complex and controversial issue of double discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity and racism, in order to support policies of knowledge, inclusion, dialogue and full affirmation of human rights and individual freedoms. A table that focuses on the competences, testimonies, experiences and good practices of witnesses, experts and activists engaged on this issue.

The growing political and media speculation on the migration phenomenon in recent years has instead fueled, also among the LGBTQI + people, the paradox of increasing hostility towards migrants, often fed by the fear that different cultures constitute a specific danger of homophobic retreat.

How to support the debate on individual freedoms and human rights? How to encourage and stimulate the exchange between people of different cultures and religions? Can sport offer a positive contribution?




Wajahat Abbas Kazmi – Activist for “Allah loves Equality”

Giorgio dell’Amico – Activist for Arcigay

Piercesare Notaro – Blogger for “Il Grande Colibrì”

Alberto Urbinati – President of Liberinantes (Refugees sport association with the patronage of UNHCR)

Leila Daianis – Activist for Transgender Rights

Anbid Zaman – Aktionsbündnis gegen Homophobie board member

Cristina Franchini – Representative of UNHCR

Yuri Guaiana – President of Certi Diritti and ILGA Europe board member

Monday 8th July 2019
from 9.30 to 15.30

AICS National Offices,
Via Barberini 68,


Sexism and gender equality: how to enhance cooperation between women and athletes in Europe

                                                          Experts workshop/seminar on gender issues and sport.

Sport is traditionally a male-dominated sector and progress in gender equality in this area is hindered by the social constructions of femininity and masculinity, which often associate sport with ‘masculine’ characteristics, such as physical strength and resilience, speed, and a highly competitive spirit.

Women who engage in sports may be perceived as ‘masculine’, while men who are not interested in sports could be considered ‘unmanly’. Coaching is another area of sports where women are largely underrepresented. Based on figures from seven EU Member States, it is estimated that only 20% to 30% of all sports coaches in Europe are women. There are also more men than women employed in sports, and data from EIGE’s Gender Statistics Database  (European Institute for Gender Equality) shows that at European level, from 2012 to 2014, women’s employment in sports actually decreased, whereas men’s increased.

Concerning Italy, Italian law still does not acknowledge professional female athletes.

This workshop aims to focus on a historical analysis of the rise of female sport in Europe and to investigate possible cooperation between activists, athletes and sports organizations in Europe to tackle sexism in sport, encourage women participation and foster gender inclusive sport environments.


Lilia Giugni – Researcher, Cambridge Judge Business School

Cristina Obber – Journalist, writer and activist from Rebel Network

Antonio Rotelli – Lawyer from Rete Lenford

Filppo Biolè – Lawyer,  Assist Consultant

Luisa Rizzitelli – President of Assist and Rebel Network

Annette Whachter – co-President EGLSF

Odette Gould – European Lesbian Forum board member

Vanessa Vizziello – Rebel Network activist

Tuesday 9th July 2019
from 11.00 to 16.30

AICS Offices,
Via Barberini 68,


Outsport workshop – Move and Learn! Non formal education through sport to
develop social competences (practical experience on the sportfield)

How can sport and physical education foster the development of social and citizenship competences required for democratic and inclusive culture? How can we use sport and physical education to create a safe learning environment to acquire the relevant knowledge, skills and attitude to mutual respect, empathy, equality and many other social skills? How can we bring a sport session well beyond improving physical skills and competitive spirit? This workshop will make you experience how all this is possible through actual physical activities.

The workshop is facilitated by Education through Sport expert László Földi, who has 25 years of experience in non-formal education for democratic citizenship and Human Rights.

Trainer: László Földi – Trainer and educator, expert in the field of Non Formal Education through sport


Tuesday 9th July 2019
from 11.00 to 16.30

To Live Sports Center,

Via Aristide Leonori 8,



Partner –  Gaynet (Journalist association for LGBTI and media), Roma EuroGames – IT Inclusion group, Liberi Nantes (Refugees sport association with the patronage of UNHCR), Assist (Italian association of female athletes), Outsport project

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