Roma EuroGames 2019 committee wants to make Roma EuroGames 2019 a great event of Sport, Culture and Human Rights.

From the 5th of July to the 10th of July, before the opening Ceremony of July 11th, a full week of conferences, workshops, debates, open days, training activities, guided tours and theater events will take place in Rome.

We believe sport can change LGBTI people’s lives, and we also believe that sport can change society and tackle all kinds of discrimination.


Roma EuroGames Week is a strong interactive cultural week with a multitarget and intersectional approach. With activists and international experts we will focus on the main challenges involving LGBTI people in sports as well as in life: Transgender and Intersex participation, racism and double discriminations, sexism and gender equality.


The several events and contributions will not be focused just on sport, but will aim to better describe the relevant topics and perspectives: athletes, activists, artists, psychologists, lawyers and researchers are going to share competences and address the general public as well.


Participants are expected to give active contributions, to intervene and to learn about the topics. An open resources archive with videos and materials will be available on the website at the following link, in order to be a contribution for further steps and next EuroGames editions.


Fighting LGBTI discrimination in sports encouraged the creation of safe and inclusive environments like the EuroGames. Thanks to this effort, we can now foster our commitment for a change in mainstream sport and shed light on the strong connections between sport, identity and sexuality.


Sport (and LGBTI sport as well) has a tremendous potential as a tool for social change, as it creates educational strategies while tackling hate speech, discrimination and marginalization.


In order to do that, topics such as homo-bi-transhopia, gender stereotypes and other discriminations should be considered as a threat for everyone’s freedom, not just for the people who are directly involved.


EuroGames Week Staff:


Rosario Coco – Roma EuroGames Cultural Area

Matteo Boccini – Assistant

Andrea Giuliano – Assistant

Milo Serraglia – Assistant









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