GAYCS is the AICS national department that coordinates the activities throughout the country for the LGBT sector, born in June 2011 in conjunction with the Europride held in Rome.

The development of Gaycs network is constantly evolving thanks to a program that includes the activation of new realities in connection with all the sites of Aics in every capital city and beyond. The association deals with the promotion, protection of LGBT rights in Italy through the creation and promotion of sports, cultural, educational and tourism in Italy and Europe. Gaycs In 2016 he founded the Italian National Gay Friendly. Internationally he is member of the European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation (EGLSF). The Gaycs association is now a reality recognized in Rome to promote LGBT rights since its inception has been measured by a number of local and national projects.

As an example:


Realization of a kick homophobia in 2014 in Bologna by Bugs Bologna Football

Realization of Italian Gaycs League – Calcio A5 – 1st Edition – June 21, 2014

Participation in A5 Football Tournaments in Rome by the Soccer group A 5 “The ROMEI” 2012-2018

Realization at its headquarters in Vicenza “A kick homophobia – 1st Trophy Vicenza” – May 17, 2014

Realization of ITALIAN GAYMES in Rome editions: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

Realization of ROME GAY RUN 2014 – 2015

Trophy “Let’s take a football homophobia”, editions: 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017

Trophy “Let’s take a calcium AIDS” December 14, 2016

The Match of Rights, calcium A 11: 2016, 2017, 2018

The Match of Rights, Basketball 2017 and 2018 in collaboration with SS Lazio Basketball

During construction EUROGAMES ROME 2019


Participation in the Euro Pride Rome 2011

Participation in the Roma Pride 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

Management of legal advice and counseling door Door “Help Me!”

Opening and maintenance of the Rome headquarters of the National Coordination which also houses the “CE.NA.CO.L’O – National CEntro against homophobia”;

national and local press office activities.

Campaigns national information (mainly on the web) such as:

STOP THE RUN, DO THE TEST (on HIV prevention);

GAY MARRIAGE, YES I DO! (For the equality of the right to the regulation of unmarried couples;

National campaign of communication and awareness on homophobia in collaboration with Aics offices in Italy;

Expansion of portal and social profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Istagram.

Training Project IN THE LABORATORY OF DIFFERENCES made by the Rome office

theater workshop

Creative Writing Course

Awareness Initiative for World AIDS Day in collaboration with ANLAIDS for 1 December 2013.

Awareness Initiative World AIDS Day on 1 December 2014/2017

From January to February 2014 • free training course for LGBT workers held at the headquarters in Via Ferdinando Ughelli 28th, Rome

From October 2012 to June 2018, the design, implementation and production of Cocktail “Apericena / show” Capital

Co-production and support the implementation of the medium-length film A MONSTER CALLED IGNORANCE – Torino 2015 – sponsored by the City of Turin

16 May 2015 Organization and realization of the show of dance, music and song extraños LOVES, LOVES STRANGE – DANCE AGAINST HOMOPHOBIA developed at the Greek Theater in Rome with space licensed by the Lazio Region.

Below, in detail, some of the projects carried out since its foundation.

Corso di scrittura Creativa

Iniziativa di sensibilizzazione per la giornata mondiale di lotta all’AIDS in collaborazione con ANLAIDS per il 1° dicembre 2013.

Iniziativa di sensibilizzazione per la giornata mondiale di lotta all’AIDS per il 1° dicembre 2014 / 2017

Da Gennaio a Febbraio 2014 • Corso di formazione gratuito per operatori LGBT tenutosi presso la sede di Via Ferdinando Ughelli 28a, Roma

Da ottobre 2012 a Giugno 2018, ideazione, realizzazione e produzione di Cocktail “Apericena/spettacolo” della Capitale

Coproduzione e patrocinio alla realizzazione del medio metraggio UN MOSTRO CHIAMATO IGNORANZA – Torino 2015 – con il patrocinio del Comune di Torino

16 maggio 2015 Organizzazione e realizzazione dello spettacolo di danza, musica e canto AMORI EXTRANOS, STRANI AMORI – DANZA CONTRO L’OMOFOBIA realizzato presso il Teatro Greco in Roma con spazio in concessione dalla Regione Lazio.


A Rome from 18 to 20 October 2013 is back starring LGBT sport, and especially swimming, with LAT41 Tournament – LGBT AquaticTournament, sponsored by the Fish Group Helgatos Rome and Madrid. GAYCS, the Department LGBT AICSI (Italian Association of Culture and Sport), the sponsor and sponsor the event, stands again at the center of sports initiatives to combat homophobia. After the huge success of 2012 in Madrid, continues the journey of LAT41 with the second edition, which kicked off in Rome at the Foro Italico, accompanied by a series of initiatives that have anticipated and followed sporting event. The event, under the patronage and contribution also GAYCS, was founded by the municipality of Rome and Madrid swimming groups to unite their respective tournaments, “AquaRomae” and “Sungames”, setting an annual event with two alternative sites each year: Madrid and Rome. With about 200 athletes from sports clubs across Europe and beyond, at the Tournament LAT41 the “Group Pesce Roma”, from LGBT Sport Association it has embraced the values ​​promoted by GAYCS. This union is not just another step in the growth of the associations network which now are part of our circuit, but above all – said Adriano Bartolucci Proietti – allows you to give more visibility to those who for a long time aims to convey the theme of rights LGBT through the practice of different sports. Sport is one of the highest moments of social communion through which it is possible to break the barriers of prejudice that always accompany many playgrounds. GAYCS with “Fish Roma” Group wants to pursue a shared path of values, concrete initiatives and objectives, concluded Bartolucci Proietti.


From 2013 “The Romei” built in Rome a great gay-friendly sports reality that unites those who have a passion for football and those who care about the fight against discrimination and equality of rights. Our training sessions are held every week and are open to anyone who wants to get closer to our idea of ​​sport. We participate also the annual tournament Lega Serie B football to 5 and numerous other competitions, for all tastes and all levels.


June 6, 2014: Organized by SOS Children’s Rights and Legality in collaboration with LGBT GAYCS. The event was open to all. The SOS Association of Rights and Legality, in accordance with the dictates of their own statutes, intends to build, together with all the living forces of the country, a cultural and social fabric open and inclusive that recognizes differences in a legacy of wealth, through a common path those who suffer the harshest effects of stigma, marginalization, discrimination and violence. Together, those who believe in the values ​​of equality, human dignity and differences can build a more just country, free, secular and democratic. Particular attention should be paid to people who for personal characteristics, health or social condition pluridiscriminazioni and suffer more than others risk being marginalized or excluded altogether. The event of June 6, 2014, a sporty and playful character, has moved in the intention of spreading a growing greater spread of the concept of legality, respect and equality. The teams that participated in the tournament are: The ROMEI (team promoted from Gaycs Rome), a selection of lawyers association SOS Rights and Legality, and a football representative in 5 women. This year, the association SOS RIGHTS AND LEGALITY ‘has decided to increase the initiatives aimed at the public, increasingly, dissemination and awareness of the value of legality, justice, and respect the rights of each. The traditional activities of legal counseling services will be put in various types of projects that will also cover sport, culture, knowledge and training. Speakers with an institutional greeting: Concettina Ciminiello Councilor for Equal Opportunities of the Lazio Region and Erica Battaglia President of the Commission for Social Policies of Roma Capitale, Adriano concluded Bartolucci Proietti of Gaycs National Coordinator.


Sunday, June 8, 2014: 5th SEVEN ANTIRACIST the Greyhound “TOURNAMENT RUGBY MEN AND WOMEN” It was an anti-racism tournament in an attempt to reiterate that rugby is a sport of all, a sport that combines a sport that has no color . The event included a men’s tournament and one female. The registration fee of € 10 has covered the expenses of the day and offered to all participants remember-shirts and a snack in the break and the third time. He participated in the Free Rugby Club affiliated Gaycs.


Thursday, June 12, 2014 at 21.00 was held the big date for the final for 3rd and 4th place and 2nd and 1st place of the First Tournament of Female Soccer organized by U / NITE with the patronage and the contribution of GAYCS – Department national LGBT AICS and collaboration of “the Venus Rising”. The finals were held at the Circolo Sportivo Cotral Rome. And ‘it intervened for the final awards ceremony of the National Coordinator Gaycs Adriano Bartolucci Proietti.


Waiting for the ITALIAN GAYMES … Saturday, June 21, 2014 great appointment with the first edition of Gaycs League! The A5 quadrangular football organized by the square of I ROMEI which was attended by BAT in Rome, Naples and the Pochos Revolution of Florence at the Sports Center TSC – Torrino Sporting Club from 18.00 to 21.00 in Rome.

ITALIAN GAYMES – PUT INTO PLAY YOUR RIGHTS – Five editions from 2014 to today

A single sporting event in Italy against homophobia. E ‘with great pride that the AICS (Italian Culture Sports Association) presents the ITALIAN GAYMES. This is an unprecedented initiative in Italy which, thanks to the support of GAYCS, the National LGBT AICSI Department, is held in Rome every July in the beautiful setting of the dial EUR. The capital is the seat of this multidisciplinary sports event, involving about a thousand athletes and sports associations, from all over the country in various competitions, tournaments and exhibitions. In particular: Swimming, Synchronized Swimming, Dancing, Football A5 – A11, Volleyball, Beach Volleyball, Rugby, Tennis, Padel Tennis, Basketball, and Buraco Racing, Dog Exhibition. A sports weekend of respect, friendship and equality. A message of openness and serenity to the whole of Italy and against all forms of homophobia. Since always the AICS with Gaycs fights to break down all forms of discrimination through the dissemination of a healthy sport, fair and no forms of diversity, elements that have always fall within the Association dna. Many associations LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual / transgender), mainly affiliated AICS, having as reason aggregative sport in recent years in Italy were born. Associations LGBT tennis, volleyball, swimming, dancing, football, rugby, climbing, hiking, running, etc. These realities are actively participating in international sports circuits, in fact in all major cities of the Western countries are periodically organized international tournaments related to any kind of discipline. As is known in the sport it unites differences as no other thing. Sporting events, if organized with the spirit decubertiano generate friendship, health, inclusion, openness to the outside. The initiative is under the patronage of CONI, the Lazio Region and the City of Rome – Hall IX. Also UNAR – National Office against Racial Discrimination defined the ITALIAN GAYMES “major initiative in the field of prevention and combating of discrimination.”

BURRACO CHRISTMAS Saturday, December 6, 2015/2018

Rummy Tournaments made by the Rome headquarters of Gaycs


On the occasion of the Italian Day against all discrimination organized by Acrobax come try a free rugby specific training for beginners with the first rugby team gay friendly in Italy. The Open Day of Free Rugby Club was held Saturday, December 20, 2015 at 15 at the former greyhound track in Rome, Via della Vasca Navale 6 (zone St. Paul). At 20.30 there was the social dinner, followed by the Acrobax LGBT party against all discrimination. 


Gaycs Campania with Pochos Napoli was in the “Napolissimo” tournament which was held at “Planet Green Fields” of Naples where he played the final 18 March 2015. 


In Naples, 21 March 2015. 10 soccer teams against homophobia. With the support of the City of Naples A5 second edition of the tournament organized by ASD Pochos Naples and realized with the contribution of LGBT GAYCS National Department of AICS AICS and the sponsorship of Naples and Campania, ARCIGAY Naples and Campania. “Caravaggio Sporting Village” Via Terracina, 382, ​​Fuorigrotta (Na). The important sports initiative was made by ASD Pochos Naples, affiliated with the Department of AICS National LGBT GAYCS collaboration with the provincial and regional committee AICSI and Arcigay Naples and Campania. The “Copa Adelante” like other national LGBT initiatives sends a clear message against all forms of discrimination as they generally aspects such as virility and power in sports are systematically associated with a particular gender or sexual orientation. The “Copa Adelante” helped give the Sport Circle, associations and promotion bodies participating high visibility and positive image on security issues, openness, acceptance, moreover in a context that brings out the true values ​​of sport amateur, and its meaning aggregator and social catalyst. It will give a strong message against homophobia, thanks to the institutions that officially and through specific actions will support the event. Napoli, this event becomes an example of social integration based on shared values ​​of competitive sport. The purpose of this tournament is to fight discrimination also in the field of play.


Friday, March 20, 2015 – 18:30 Debate sports and homophobia at the headquarters of Arcigay Napoli Saturday, March 21 – 10:00 am Meet in the field “Caravaggio Sporting Village” – 11.00 Kick Off – 19.00 Awards Sunday, March 22 – 10:30 am guided tour (free) for the streets of Naples starting from Piazza Plebiscito

GIVE A KICK homophobia 2nd edition Rome- FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT A5 

It was held in the Italian capital, the second edition of the tournament Let’s take a football homophobia promoted and realized by the association SOS Children’s Rights and Legality and Gaycs LGBT. From May 4 to 12 June over 12 teams have driven the Sports Center Cinecittà Bettini. The major tournament sponsored by SOS Children’s Rights and Legality in collaboration with Gaycs – Department of LGBT Aics. The event included the participation of more than 12 football teams in five predominantly Roman including the most important gay friendly captained by the Romei, recent winners also Neapolitan Copa Adelante. The tournament opened on May 6 and will come close to the Roma Pride (which has granted its patronage to the initiative) during which we will realize a conference on “Homophobia and sport” where it is expected the participation of national coordinator Gaycs Adriano Bartolucci Proietti. “Even today we see how in our country – said Mattia Di Tommaso, spokesperson for SOS Rights and Legality – the culture of diversity is opposed and seen as a threat rather than as an opportunity. Good policy should instead take the initiative and promote what is unique in each person, in our differences, ensuring all the freedom of being able to demonstrate without fear of retaliation, humiliation, or even worse violence. We condemn, in addition, each discriminate based on sexual orientation, attitude already for another condemned by our Constitution, where they are recognized at all equal social dignity and equality before the law “” We hope that the institutions can find the space to develop legislation that explicitly condemns discrimination and all those acts of homophobia and hate speech that are right on the basis of ‘sexual orientation. For the same reasons, the day after the final of the tournament, we will participate with a delegation in the parade Roma Pride 2015 “. “We give a kick to homophobia” we want to emphasize how important it is that through sport you get to the overcoming of all forms of discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity, both inside and outside the camps. Fighting homophobia means -he put his face said Adriano Bartolucci Proietti, GAYCS national coordinator – because above all through participation and sports activities are overcome the mistrust and prejudices. Thanks for supporting the Provincial Committee of Rome AICSI and ARA – Roman Referees Association, and the Region of Lazio and Roma Capitale who granted them legal aid. We are waiting for the kick-off to the Sports Center Cinecittà Bettini Rome.


On May 9, 2015 was held the third edition of “Play Pride” in Arezzo part of the initiative called “Waiting for the Italian Gaymes 2015”. Among the planned activities in addition to the sports of soccer games, rugby, running and volleyball also an interesting round table titled “field beyond the genres and against discrimination” which was attended by the national coordinator of Gaycs Adriano Bartolucci Proietti along with other members the LGBT world and sports.


Sunday, May 17, 2015 11:00 am, at the Caravaggio Sporting Village, kick-off for the first edition of CAMPANIA GAYCS CUP, the football tournament at 5 conceived and created by ASD Phochos Naples with the support of Gaycs – LGBT department AICS, the collaboration of the provincial committee of Naples AICSI Arcigay Arcigay Naples and Campania. The event, promoted in the day that celebrates the World Day of all’omo-lesbo-transphobia struggle, was attended by the Mayor of Naples Luigi de Magistris. They Participated 6 teams from different provinces of the Campania region. This initiative is part of the various activities organized throughout the national territory Gaycs.


Waiting for the Italian Gaymes comes the fifth edition of the International Beach Volleyball Tournament organized by the Roman SPQR Volleyball affiliated AICS – 3/4 July 2015 10:00 H – Hibiscus Beach, Promenade Lutatius Catulo 14, Ostia Lido.


Launch of the second edition of the “Rome Gay Run”. The race was held in the EUR district Sunday, July 19, 2015. Organized as part of the Italian Gaymes, the “Olympics” LGBT friendly. Even this year, despite the heat wave that has seen record temperatures in the capital, the sporting event has been a great success in terms of membership. The competitive race and not the 5 km was held the morning of Sunday 19, starting from the entrance of the Gay Village at 9 am, and passed for Agriculture Avenue, Avenue of the Civilization of Labor, Beethoven Avenue, America avenue, Ettore Majorana, Walk of Japanese, Umberto Tupini avenue, avenue of Sports Records, via Tiberias and so Euphrates, Piazzale dei SS Peter and Paul, viale Romolo Murri, Barcelona square, Via delle Tre Fontane. The increasingly coming to the Gay Village. The proposed route was available to everyone, did not need to be marathon runners. To support participants, then, they have been provided some refreshment along your route, in which were distributed bottles of water and given assistance.


Saturday, November 14, 2015 – Club Villa De Sanctis – Via dei Gordiani, 5 – Rome. And ‘success continued for the tour “No Limits Sports” in favor of the boys no disabilities or suffering from rare diseases, Saturday, November 14, 2015 from 10.00, I Romei were we will be present with stage IV at the club Villa De Sanctis, Via of Gordiani, 5 (Rome), to give strength and support to the Association Il Ponte 2008 Onlus. The association “Il Ponte 2008 Onlus” has been active for more than ten years on the territory of the Capital for the integration of persons with disabilities in all spheres of life. Its activities range from the management of fact socializing clubs, through the experience of integrated theater, organization of events and courses for both boys not adept that skilled. The goal is to experiment with the parties involved that “independent life”, through the promotion of skills and social skills. They also participated: National Italian jazz musicians, Italian National Look-alike, Sap Lazio (Independent Trade Union of Police), In Bad State, Aidel 22 non-profit organization, The Romei – Gaycs lgbt, Motoclub Albano Laziale. Guest star: Elena Presti, Italian actress and singer.


On 1 December 2015 at 21.30 at the Club Stella Azzurra in Rome was promoted and organized by Gaycs held on the occasion of WORLD DAY OF THE FIGHT AGAINST AIDS, SAVE THE GAME – A game for life – Football Meeting A5 promoted and implemented in collaboration with the Sports Club Stella Azzurra. You teams LGBT Capital “The Romei” with “All accidentally” met.

1st TROPHY FOOTBALL A8 “RIGHTS TO THE HEART” – February 14, 2016 

Gaycs Department of LGBT Aics presents Gaycs Campania in collaboration with ‪Pochos Naples‪Aics Naples on 1st football A8 “Rights at Heart” Trophy which was held February 14 at 11:00 am at Olimpo Soccer Fields in via Pietra Bianca 10 to fourth in the province of Naples.

THE GAME OF RIGHTS 2016 – 2017 – 2018 

The debut of “The match of Rights” with the National Gay and National Actors was held on 12 March 2016 at the Stadio dei Marsi Avezzano. At the big event, he made his debut, in the municipal area of ​​Avezzano, the Italian National Football Gay Friendly she met friends of the National Actors. After a selection lasted almost a year traveling around Italy and thanks to the patient work carried out by the national coordinator of Gaycs Adriano Bartolucci Proietti with the collaboration of the staff of sporting director Matthias Di Tommaso, the coach Catello De Simone and technical manager Fabio Conte, the team was formed. Athletes from different sexual orientations have formed a close-knit group and combative. On the field, as in life, the goal is the overcoming of all forms of discrimination to confirm the battles that Gaycs continues mainly thanks to the sport. For Avezzano thanks to the Green Cross, the City Council, the local team, the Football Avezzano, the first step has been moved, the most important one!


Against exclusion and against all forms of violence and discrimination. Sunday, March 20 from 10 to 13 was held on “football Quadrangular against exclusion and against all forms of violence and discrimination” promoted by ASD Funiculà of Naples and sponsored by the City of Naples, in collaboration with: 3 ^ municipalities, Aics – Provincial Committee Naples, Campania Gaycs, Gaycs Pochos Naples. Those present were the teams: “Above and beyond the sea”, Gaycs Pochos Naples, GS Young Quarter Stella, Planding Place.

1 TROPHY “A PENALITY FOOTBALL” December 14, 2016 

December is traditionally the month dedicated to the fight against AIDS and the prevention of Sexually Transmitted Infections. For the occasion, the Italian National Gay Friendly has promuosso #UncalcioallAIDS the tournament, a triangular social engagement dedicated to raising awareness on the issue of STIs, prevention of HIV and contrast. The initiative was organized in collaboration with Atletico San Lorenzo, sports actually inspired by the popular soccer expression of the historic district of Rome, and Fortitudo ASD, affiliated Gaycs and vice champion at the EuroGames 2016 in Helsinki. The spread of sexually transmitted infections is increasing dramatically in our country, an issue on which there is lack of commitment by the institutions and concerns, as the latest data Istituto Superiore di Sanita, in equal measure both the LGBT population and the heterosexual. The issue concerns the information, access to health and invests the freedom to speak freely to each one of us, to live their sexuality without patterns, prejudices and impositions coming from outside. The tournament was held Wednesday, December 14, 2016 at the Field of USD Tor di Quinto, in the Bayard 25, from 20 hours to 23 hours during the event were sdistribuiti to fans and spectators condoms, information materials and guidance for perform the tests. Let’s together an AIDS football!


Theatrical Performance co-produced by Gaycs – Department of LGBT Aics. It was held Thursday, April 4, 2013 at 12 am the press conference presenting the show “I, never anything anyone had done.” Based on the theatrical monologue winner of numerous national awards ( “Amber Monologues” – Teatro Ambra Garbatella in Rome, “Authors in the drawer, actors on the dresser” – Theater Space in Rome, “Power Theater Festival” – Theater F. Stabile di Potenza), marks the directorial debut playwriting and directing the young Sicilian talent Joele Anastasi.In scene together in the same author, the actors Enrico Sortino and Federica Carruba Toscano.Vucciria Theater has also organized an “Open Call” of photographic works once to select the images that will make up the exhibition “to be positive-positive response to every human drama” staged simultaneously in local theater. Thirteen selected works by seven different artists will host the event.


Initiative shared by Gaycs – Department of LGBT Aics.From 7 to 9 June 2013 – Island of San Domino / Isole. They were not detained because they had committed no crime. Their crime was to belong to a category with uncertain boundaries, to potentially dangerous individuals to public order, to be removed from the social fabric. So it was that prostitutes, people with physical and mental disabilities, members of ethnic and religious minorities and others – they can not be imprisoned for any violation of the law – were exiled by the Fascist regime. The same fate befell primarily to homosexuals, inverted, the arrusi is estimated that three hundred were sentenced to confinement in Italy; Tremiti Islands their concentration was extraordinary, around 56 individuals, as a community that was integrated with the territory and found the courage to survive with dignity and hope. To commemorate this page of history,Speakers: Vladimir Luxuria, artist, promoter of civil rights, creator of the initiative; Gianfranco Goretti, vice president of Rainbow Families, author of the book “The city and the island. Homosexuals in exile in fascist “(Donzelli Editore); Giusy D’Alconzo, campaigns and research office director Amnesty International – Italian; Sandra Namutebi, leader of the Freedom and Roam Uganda Association; Lucia Caponera, National Secretariat Arcilesbica; Flavio Romans, president National Arcigay; Adriano Bartolucci Proietti, the Gaycs national coordinator; Andrea Maccarrone, president of Circle of Culture Mario Mieli Homosexual; Aurelio Mancuso, president of Equality Italy; Imma Battaglia, President Di’Gay Project; Francesca Corazzieri, representative Albatros – Project Paul Pinto. The event was meant as a tribute to the memory and a cry for freedom, a way to remember together a page of our recent history, we can not afford to forget. “The extremism – the organizers emphasized – especially in the economic and social crisis like the one we are going through phases, are still there and leverage on weakness, loneliness, ignorance, fear. The memory is powered so that certain mistakes are not repeated again and are sent into internal exile once and for all words such as exclusion, racism, violence, dictatorship.”Some questions posed to the Coordinator of Gaycs on the value of this initiative. Why have you decided to promote this initiative? And ‘the most natural that we can do what we were born only two years as a social promotion association with the name of GAYCS LGBT, it’s in our DNA to support cultural initiatives like this, the “C” of our name represents the “Culture” , history and everything in the memory of each of us can keep alive the memory of the suffering and hardship of those that our fellow citizens have suffered only because gay in the fascist period through the confinement. What role can the story in the interpretation of current events? Unfortunately it is often said “courses and historical claims” and so it is! History teaches and helps to read the contemporary facts. Today, like yesterday, we need to keep our guard up. Misinformation especially among the younger age groups is rampant and the overall picture is very worrying. Through the story, the “story”, we can make an enormous contribution aimed to thin the distance between knowledge and ignorance, because this is the main cause of homophobia. Not knowing the history, the events of the past helps to increase the gap between “different” from every point of view feeds the fear and mistrust towards those who are different from us. Can you describe in a few words what you think the current state of LGBT people in Italy? The people LGBT lives today, in Italy, certainly better conditions than in the recent past. The huge boost given by acquired rights in many Western countries has accelerated, even in public opinion generally, the need to recognize equal rights for all, all of this because, as sappiamo- civil society is always ahead of government institutions. The risk, and I hang up the previous question, is that you do not complete this process of recognition thus determining social involution dangerous that could slide into serious social unrest. How to overcome the homo-lesbo-transphobia in today’s society? The when we will overcome the “fear” of having close those who are different from us will be replaced by “happiness” to live in a world of individuals who respect each other in their “diversity”. To achieve this it is our duty to continue the daily struggle for the recognition, protection and promotion of egalitarian rights for all. The state’s duty and institutions in general must be to ensure a model, as inclusive as possible, social liveability through a garantista legislation to the rights but also be able to pursue all forms of racism and violence towards others. The LGBT associations, through its activities, must be the guarantors of this evolutionary process that can lead society in general towards the overcoming of what I call the disease of the century the omotransfobia.


October 2013 .Gaycs grows in the area with the affiliation of two new very important reality. In the city of Modena Association of Social Promotion WIB GAYCS MODENA it was formed and joined the AICS LGBT department with the aim of opening a new window of visibility for the rights of the LGBT community. WIB (Woman in Black) GAYCS MODENA will bring a significant contribution to the local roots in Emilia Romagna. All the information on the activities of the www.womaninblack website and FB page Wib According Modena. Among the activities in planning the inauguration next October 11, 2013 the association’s funding evening at the local VOX Modena appropriately named the FASHIONISTA. News in sight even in the capital that grows with the Association of Social Promotion membership GAIAITALIA.COM specialized in the promotion and communication of LGBT values ​​through important initiatives in the field of theater, literature and information online. To highlight the important initiative called MEMORIES FORGET, scheduled for next year, dedicated to the “Day of Remembrance.” All details about the activities on the site

MEETING / DEBATE ON THE LAW AGAINST Homophobia and Transphobia

Thursday, November 28 at 18.00. Homophobia and transphobia as a new aggravating circumstance of criminal offenses. Where is the line between free speech and hate speech? When the expression of a thought can be considered a crime? Reflections on the amendments proposed and approved in the House, the Law Mancino-Royal and the true meaning of the amendment Verini / Gitti on the subject of freedom of opinion. It was held at the headquarters in via DGP Costantino 82 in Rome and attended: Valentina Ciaramella, Miscellaneous Legal DGP; Imma Battaglia, Assembly Councilor Capitoline; Andrea Maccarrone, President Circle of Culture Mario Mieli Homosexual; Adriano Bartolucci Proietti, the Gaycs Coordinator; Edward Messineo, President Luiss Rainbow.


The door listening to GAYCS is a neutral space where everyone can talk about themselves and their problems in a climate of non-judgment and professional secrecy. At the counter there is a psychologist ready to listen, help and support you, with special attention to issues related to the reality of people LGBTQI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex), as the acceptance of their sexual orientation, problems related to the definition of gender identity or sexual, coming out, intimacy, sexuality and conflict in same-sex couple relationships, omogenitoriali families and homophobia. Some, still, considering the reality LGBTQI as a pathology and try, in vain, and with serious psychological repercussions, to return to “normal” individuals who live it. Such approaches, called “reparative therapies” have no scientific basis and are wrongly defined and deceptively “therapeutic”. Therefore, in accordance with all bodies and medical and psychological associations and all international studies on the subject, Gaycs and the listening branch operators are opposed to all at interventions “was leaving” or “sexual reorientation.” At the counter can be accessed by anyone (adolescents, adults, couples and families) provided it is duly registered in Gaycs / Aics. Special attention is paid to the LGBTQI people and those who are their neighbors. The first meeting is free of knowledge. If you decide, together, starting an aid route, the cost of subsequent meetings will be much easier in order to allow anyone who feels the need to access the service. The service takes place at the Rome headquarters of Gaycs and through chat.


October 29, 2014 MEETING / DEBATE with Maria Laura Annibali, OTHER OTHER HALF ‘OF HEAVEN … CONTINUE. DGP and the Rome City Hall VIII promoted and carried out the screening of the documentary film “The other half of the sky … read more” Maria Laura Annibali with Laura Valle direction and presentation of the essay of the same name. The meeting was held at the Sala consiiliare “Piacentina The Master” of Rome City Hall VIII. The discussion meeting was presented by Antonello Dose, conductor of the Roar of the Rabbit, Radio Rai 2 – Buddhist Group Arcobalena. Speakers: Andrea Catarci, President of the Rome City Hall VIII; Aurelio Mancuso, president Equality Italy; Gaetano Di Sabato, president Different Worlds; Adriano Bartolucci Proietti, National Coordinator Gaycs – Aics of LGBT Department.


From 2 December 2015 to 27 January 2015. The course is aimed at analyzing the basic elements for the construction of a story (opening words, space, time, characters, narration …) and the main adoptable narrative techniques. Through the reading of published works, theoretical and practical exercises lessons you learned how to construct a story according to what the personal style of each. Each lesson is structured in two parts. The first dedicated to a theoretical introduction on writing and the topic of the day; the second one dedicated to the actual writing where each participant was able to apply what they learned. Lessons have been supported by different materials (audio, video, objects, places) in order to stimulate the imagination and the sensorium of the participants. CLAUDIO FOX, is twenty-four years old and is responsible for writing since the age of twenty-one. In 2011 he published his first novel “The emptiness around” which is presented to the Premio Strega 2012 by Dacia Maraini who discovers the young author and introduced him to the national literary scene. The same novel won the International Franco Enriquez Prize in 2012 and is a finalist for the Premio Torre Petrosa. In 2013 he published the “Hold novel before it arrives the night”, also presented at the Premio Strega and second ranked Flaiano Prize. In November 2013 he published the book “Tell me about love”, written dialogue with Anna Paola Tanning on issues of homophobia and violence against women.


Nuovo Cinema Aquila (via the Eagle, 68 – Rome) at 20.00 hosted a special event with do not know why you hate Philip money. This film projection at the end he incontrat the public. Our reflections on the issues raised by the film, they participate Dario Accolla, Antonella Montano, psychotherapist, Maria Laura Annibali, president of the Gay Project, Adriano Bartolucci Proietti, the Gaycs national coordinator, Andrea Maccarrone, President of the Circolo Mario Mieli Homosexual Cultural, Peter Turano , Gay Center, Guido Glee and Tiziano Spezzacatena, protagonists of the documentary. Produced by Mario Mazzarotto Movement Films, the film is produced with the help of the Directorate General for Cinema.


Medium-length films made with the contribution and the patronage of Gaycs, co-produced the work before alessandro antonaci. The film STATE presented in Turin in February 2015 and in Rome. “A Monster Called Ignorance” Elijah has a 20 year old boy who feels the need to want to tell, through a camera, the story of his family. A long flashback we sling in his past, when Elijah had just two years and was overwhelmed by the love of his wonderful parents, Roberto and Marco. To complete the family picture we see beautiful “Aunt Sara”, a dear friend of the two dads, closely tied to the child. The film has neither place nor time, and shows how wonderful and healthy can be a LGBT family of same-sex parents and their son. But ignorance, part of today’s society, It will creep into their lives demolishing the happiness that they had managed to build up over the years. Marco learns dearly how important it is to speak out against this social evil and will fight every single day to destroy the monster called “homophobia”, that even today, in the world, takes its toll and cause injustices. Directed by: Alessandro Antonaci – Cast: Daniel Lascar, Luca Good morning, Chiara Moscatello, Gioa Orlando, Mattia Antonaci – Screenplay: Alexander Antonaci – Director of Photography / Camera: Federico Alotto – Scene Photographer: Dany Benso – Sound: Federica Paccotti – Editor: Alessandro Antonaci – Backstage: Dany Benso – Soundtrack: Alessandro Ventre – “True Love”, Alessandro Antonaci – “Heaven”, Myky Petillo / Nicola Cucurachi – “Heaven” (Ballad Version), Kevin MacLeod – “Scheming Weasel” – Production: Alessandro Antonaci, GAYCS (LGBT Department of Aics – Italian Culture Sports Association) – Sponsor: “Le Spose Di Firenze”, “JPlay Vintage”, “The Bolt”, “The Arcobalocco” “The Forest Of Wonders.”


We went about the points of Auschwitz with the intent to see with the eyes of reality the suffering of those who died from the madness of the hands of the Nazis and all those who supported them in the second conflict mondiale.Le words can never tell quite what the eyes can understand in a moment. The importance of the Memory is critical to not forget what still happens every day somewhere in the world.


The ECM Center Srl in collaboration with Gaycs organizes training course for BLSD operators. The purpose is to spread in the population a culture oriented to timely emergency management with the aim of reducing deaths outside hospitals; educate / train the health personnel by disseminating guidelines for proper management of basic and advanced emergency situations. The course was held at the headquarters Gaycs Via Ferdinando Ughelli, 28th in Rome.


Saturday, May 16, 2015: GAYCS presented at the 10th World Day of fight all’omotransfobia – GREEK THEATER AT 21 VIA RUGGERO LEONCAVALLO, 16 (LARGO SOMALIA) ROME .As part of the activities planned by LGBT GAYCS to remember and celebrate this day, conceived by Louis-Georges Tin, editor of the Dictionnaire de l’homophobie, 30 years to the first removal of homosexuality from the list of mental disorders in the International Classification of Diseases published by the World health has chosen to support and fund the dance show “Love extraños, stani loves – dance against homophobia” – Made under the artistic direction and choreography of the young talent During Diego, directed Alessio Mataldi, the show sees singers artists, dancers and a live pianist, alternation of several songs accompanied by choreography. The dance is by nature a form of art and communication that transcends and exceeds the language barriers and yet still his now recognized artistic and educational value is difficult to establish. “Love extraños, stani loves – Dance Against Homophobia” is the title that represents the significance of this project to emphasize the “diversity” who through love finds its explanation. Hence the idea of ​​wanting to communicate through this show, the emotions and thoughts “rational and not” crossing every day and every moment of life for all. Thoughts and actions that grow with us and that through the different experiences accompany us to maturity and the awareness of what we are and we want to be. Among the emotions, love is what is most interesting to point out through this show, because this is the point of greatest question that many times we ask, and is the deepest feeling and sensitive to when having to give the most important answers.


The words attributed by the press to Felice Belloli, who as president of the National Amateur League would despise the women’s game by saying “just give money to these four lesbians” have not gone unnoticed, especially in the important days of the global week against the homo-transphobic , where even the LGBTI sport has given an important contribution to a battle of civilization for the respect of the people, as also demonstrated that the tournament in Naples against homophobia in the presence of mayor De Magistris. Regardless of who within the federal council NLD has given a similar sentence, we are outraged at the thought of all those athletes and female athletes, professional and amateur, who heard these statements in the media must have thought once again that it is better to keep hidden his sexual identity. We are outraged by the profound contempt of a beautiful reality of our sport like that of the women’s game that should strengthen the idea of ​​confrontation and encounter as also called for the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella and the delegate of the Prime Minister for Giovanna Martelli equal opportunity, on the occasion of World Day against homophobia, emphasizing precisely the value of sport that creates aggregation and union. Therefore, on May 18 at 20:30 within the tournament “A kick homophobia” at the sports center Cinecittà Bettini we gathered all and all in the field with a flash mob to express full solidarity with all the women’s football and to demand a clear position and clear by the leadership of Italian sport, remembering that homophobia is a sharp weapon and ruthless towards everyone, including heterosexual people, which causes pain and suffering. Adriano Bartolucci Proietti, National Coordinator Gaycs, Franco Grillini, National President Gaynet.

THEATER “7 DOORS” – July 2015

GAYCS 7 DOORS 2.0 presenting a show of Antonio Tiberini – THEATER Furio Camillo ROME. 7 doors, 7 stories, 7 players, 7 symbols masks 7, 7 worlds, 7 fears. 7 doors leads viewers on a journey in stages, marked symbolically by 7 doors, a trip that takes its cue from a contemporary reinterpretation of the traditional seven deadly sins and departs from them, overcoming them and reinventing them, and projects himself into situations and experiences of everyday life . The dance language is the medium of expression used to dig deep into the human soul, laying bare the fears, anxieties and temptations in which every viewer is invited to recognize appealing to his personal experience. What emerges is a humanity tormented and fragile that, despite the particularities of their individuality, shares the same reality. What contemporary. appears as a social unnatural, artificial, able to divide people by isolating them in a projected fight selfishly towards their individual affirmation. The fear of the other, the stranger, to feel surrounded and approved, stress and job uncertainty, the slavery of addiction, and no ability to express themselves in a way where communication and “social” do nothing but make us feel more alone. These are the modern ills of our time. The 7 is a symbolic number representing one common insecurity / weakness behind where everyone is hiding, apparently erecting masks to feel protected but in fact suspended in a precarious balance. The awareness of this truth is the starting point from which man can begin to discover a new confidence in the group and feeling so free at last, and only in the plurality. By Alessandra Alma, Sofia Bruschi Polidori, Elizabeth Cannizzaro, Etna Beatrice, Sara Fratoni, Jole Macri, Ilene Mauro, Silvia Moretto, Alessandra Ugolini, Assunta Vitiello. With the participation of Ludwig Bruckmann, Francesco Nardone, Gianluigi Gili. Marco Bussotto Costumes. Assistant director Sara Fratoni and Jole Macri. Art by Luca Bacci.

“GENDER WHAT?” THE GAY VILLAGE OF ROME – September 18, 2015 

We talked about gender and sex education on the stage of the Gay Village Friday, September 18, 2015. This was the theme of “hot” even after the circular of the Minister Giannini, who has branded a cultural scam every position that involves school reform the alleged gender theory. Were present as well as Vladimir Luxuria, Rosario Coco, President Gaynet Rome curator of the campaign, Imma Battaglia Capitoline councilor and historical soul of the Roman event, Alessandro Paesano, expert on discrimination and gender stereotypes, Valerio Mezzolani, Secretary of Gaynet, Adriano Bartolucci Proietti , President of Gaycs LGBT. It is in fact a real hoax created to deny rights and dignity to gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex, which does not exist neither in school reform, nor elsewhere. “

CULTURA9 THE GAY VILLAGE October 14, 2015 

The Consulta Culture Rome City Hall IX organized in view of the Rainbow Week, the initiative entitled Cultura9 to the Gay Village: drug prevention and health promotion. The initiative, promoted by the Culture of the Municipality of Rome IX, took place Wednesday, October 14 at 18 at Casa9 in Via Carlo Avolio, 60 in Rome and involved the participation of: Paola Vaccari President Equal Opportunities Commission of Rome City Hall IX, Adriano Bartolucci Proietti of Gaycs national Coordinator and Carla Fabi, Gay Village press office. He has presented and moderated the debate Andrea Stifini President View Culture Rome City Hall IX. The aim was to raise awareness of drug information activities to the Gay Village View from the Culture, through Independence Association, projecting a short film; stimulate discussion on the issue of prevention and health promotion; presenting scientific research in place of “Drugs and LGBT communities”, conducted by Andrea Stifini.

LOVE ME GENDER 5/12 November 2015

Press conference of the European project. Friday, November 6th at 11.30 – Palazzo Rospigliosi – Independence Square, 6 – Zagarolo. Love Me Gender is a training course within the Erasmus + Community program conceived and organized by SOS Children’s Rights and Legality. The course took place November 5 to 12 2015 Zagarolo in the province of Rome. It involved 32 young people from Italy, Greece, Macedonia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Portugal. The course objective is to provide information, expertise and resources related to gender issues and their impact on society, especially for the younger generation. During the week, the participants discussed the current issues relating to equal treatment, even in the workplace, how to deal with the phenomenon of sexual discrimination, and work activity of awareness and information on these issues. Speakers: Concettina Ciminiello, Lazio Region Councilor for Equal Opportunities; Lorenzo Piazzai, Zagarolo Mayor; Federica Buiarelli, Councilor Equal Opportunities City of Zagarolo; Enrico Saracini, city councilor Zagarolo; Adriano Bartolucci Proietti, national coordinator of Gaycs – LGBT department Aics; Mattia Di Tommaso, spokesman for SOS Children’s Rights and Legality.


“To break the silence and take back the voice”. A number of associations has called for Saturday, December 12, in Rome, in Piazza del Colosseo, at 14 “March of the rights”, “born from the need to break the silence and take back the voice belongs to us in the public debate respect our rights, the rights of at least three million citizens and lesbian citizens, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex, the rights of women and of all cohabiting heterosexual and homosexual, the rights of our families and our daughters and sons. Rights that the laws of our country continue to ignore and trample despite the judgments of the Italian courts and international “. “We are no longer ‘accept – say Anddos-Gaynet Rome, Italian Association of Lesbian list, Gaycs, Worlds Several Nonprofit, Roma Rainbow Choir, shook, UAAR Rome – that the political debate and in the media on issues that affect our lives plays on our heads without involving us. We can not accept that the parliamentary debate on civil unions become yet another opportunity for an indecent market on our skin and homophobic propaganda to strike again our dignity ‘, as is also happening at this time with the attack on the stepchild adoption “. The Saturday event was preceded by a press conference on December 10 at 14.30, in the House.


GS FLAMES GOLD presented under the umbrella of Gaycs – “Christmas Concert” Charity evening December 21, 2015 at 20.00 at the Greek Theater – Rome.


Mobilization of the Pantheon in Rome. “Thanks to the great enthusiasm shown by activists and associations of Roma mobilization of January 23 has been moved to the streets of the Pantheon at 15. So in a joint statement Imma Battaglia, president of gays project fee, Maria Laura Annibali, president of Gay project, Coco Rosario, president Anddos-Gaynet Rome, Adriano Bartolucci Proietti, president of the national Gaycs. “We actually activated for the success of the event, as we considered essential to emphasize so much the absolute delay of our country in terms of rights, but the fact that the proposed law was Cirinnà only the bare minimum that the policy has succeeded in this time to conceive. It will be only a first, necessary step towards full equality open to all couples and marriage.


On the occasion of the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, and the passage of the Tour of Italy in the city of Foligno, Arcilesbica Arcigay Omphalos Perugia organizes an interesting debate on homophobia in the sports world. Thursday, 12 May 2016 hours 18:00 . Foligno – ZUT Space! – Corso Cavour, 83. The debate will be:

– Luca Trappolin, sociologist at the University of Padua

– Paolo Colombo, journalist La7 Sport

– Imma Battaglia, LGBT activist, honorary president Di’Gay Project, former national handball team

Conclusions Adriano Bartolucci Proietti, national coordinator of LGBT GayCS Department of Aics – Italian Association Culture Sport. The initiative is sponsored by the Municipality of Foligno and is made with the collaboration of Di’Gay Project DGP Rome and Gaycs Department LGBT AICSI – Italian Association Culture Sport.


Meeting promoted by UNAR – National Bureau against Racial Discrimination. May 18, 2016 the seat of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers – Via della Mercede 9, Rome. An initiative promoted by UNAR in which the representatives of the Italian LGBT Sports Associations.Gaycs was present with:

Adriano Bartolucci Proietti, national coordinator of Gaycs – Aics of LGBT department

Mattia Di Tommaso, technical director of the Italian National Football Gay Friendly

Fabio Conte, head of the national sports Gaycs, ASD President Pochos Napoli

Rosario Coco, Coach of the football team A5 “I Romei”, Rome

Diego Caccialupi, representative Gaycs Tuscany


A video for lovers. For those who want to fall in love. A co-production between Gaycs and Marco Scorza, stylist and art director. This video was created with the intention of wanting to create a true hymn to love, a daily narrative against homophobia. “In small things love counts” stressed Scorza.


Olympus is no longer unattainable. Gods and heroes unite to mortals. And they pleased. EMPIRE debuts Sunday, July 26, 2016, the new LGBT eterofriendly aperitif in the beautiful setting Tiberina Island. Designed and built by Gaycs lgbt, an association that has experienced the fabulous Sunday apericena COCKtail For three seasons has graced you with good food, great music and amazing variety, it is pleased to cut the ribbon to your summer with Roman Empire . The new creative team Gaycs, led by the rising star of LGBT nightlife Capitoline Joshua Ficarella, has shaped for you an EMPIRE that not only pays homage to our city with a concept to be discovered but will seduce you, in the most hedonistic of trasportandoti worlds. Be enthralled by our Ambrosia, the nectar of the Gods, the sap of youth. Our gods will accompany your sensory journey that can make you discover the pleasure behind the desire, the hedonism of a summer evening. Gods and mortals, heroes and demigods, nymphs and satyrs. Our EMPIRE throws open the gates. It welcomes you in true Olympus.

The MEASURE OF OTHERS ramblings tragicomic intolerance 2016 UNDER THE PATRONAGE OF GAYCS 

From an idea of ​​Guido Del Vento, written and directed by Lupaioli Lucilla and Alessandro Di Marco, with Guido Del Vento and Tullia Di Nardo lights and sound Sirio Lupaioli. “The people’s measure” is a study that explores ironically the theme of diversity and the difficulty of managing and integrating categories that often feel different and far from us. A young man, mirror the thinking of many of us, meets and clashes with the ancestral fear of not being enough, not to be adequate, even dressing the characters shoes uncomfortable and uncomfortable than he. Leave the floor to a disabled person, immobilized in a wheelchair, upset with a gay man who lives in his own palace, angry, in turn, with a mother under pressure – outlet and lost between diapers and meals children to prepare – which hints at a trans does not tolerate the disabled because they believe that a man in a wheelchair should not ask every day, unlike her permission to be herself. The characters of this show play with words and with their lives, they pass the word, interacting with the audience, alternating rhythms, laughter and reflections to test the waters where you can still root that binds them to the seed of intolerance. Trying to eradicate it. The text, the brainchild of Guido del Vento and wrote and revised Lupaioli Lucilla and Alessandro Di Marco following a principle of circularity of the hearing, following an irregular pattern, just like the inputs that come from thought and from the heart and is the also the result of a personal work on their own intolerance and the desire to turn them into acceptance and love. The presence of an alter ego, another look, played by Tullia Di Nardo, actress and performer, focuses on the need for discussion and exchange on a topic that touches every one of us.


The theater has never been pragmatic, flesh, blood. I never had done nothing is pure catharsis, care and inherently related illness, one physical and psychological shock necessary, as you need to treat certain topic through a research project “its own authorial language that is the encounter between an original drama and a search active actor “says Joele Anastasi, a young author, director and performer of the text. I, never anything anyone had done is the story of John, ingenuity and incarnation of pure passion, innocence that overcomes all barriers of knowledge and ignorance: a single piece of soul that says everything He thinks and believes everything he is told. John is the strength and courage to those who can not see the world only as a score of notes to dance. The instinct to life, survival. Beyond the disease. Beyond the bad. The universe in which gravitate the three characters in this play is a popular universe. One scenario full of brutality and instinctively. Where nothing is commanded by the mind but only by the impulse of the body. Men are beasts, which are angels, they are demons. The violence comes up against the credulity in a sea of ​​brutality, where Rosaria, John’s cousin, is everything to him. Sister, girlfriend, mother and daughter. There is room for love, there is no room for revenge. But everything has a price. John will serve him through the eyes ambiguous and violent and body button and dashing of Joseph, dance teacher, only love-lover John. “I hug him and tell him that I have to say very important things. I tell him that I am his, even the female I would have done that in the hospital told me that I have AIDS. ” “He told me that I was a fagot shit, I had to die soon and that dancing I sucked.” The play for his commitment to awareness and information on important social issues such as AIDS, diversity and acceptance, was sponsored by ROME CAPITAL Department of Cultural Affairs and Historical Center, Italy NPS (Network People Nuke), from Catania LILA (Italian League for Fighting AIDS), GAYCS, ARCI GAY CATANIA, stonewall, GAY CENTER, ANDOS, Di’Gay PROJECT, CIRCLE MARIO MIELI. I, never anything anyone had done had numerous awards: best play, best drama, best actor Enrico Sortino to Rome Fringe Festival. This beautiful and poignant play, which is represented between Catania and Roma is Vuccirìa Theater, written and directed by Joele Anastasi with the presence of Joele Anastasi, Federica Carruba Toscano.


We are tired of not being protected. The Law Against Homophobia is a necessity! Saturday, October 1 °, from 17 to 18, flash mob protest at Piazzale Flaminio. After the last two egregious acts homophobic consumatisi first in Gay Street, the heart of the LGBTQI nightlife that has seen generations grow up gay people and then in the central Flaminio district, where last September 26 a boy of twenty was attacked by three unknown escaped arrival of the ready passers-by to help him, the LGBTQI associations launched an appeal and will gather Saturday, October 1 ° to Piazzale Flaminio from 17 to 18, for a flash mob protest aimed to draw attention to the work regarding the Law against ‘Homophobia. Tired of being subjected to violent actions guided by hatred, the Circle of Culture Mario Mieli Homosexual associations, Gay Center, Anddos-Gaynet Rome, Rainbow Families, Di’Gay Project, Agedo Rome, Italy Equality, Gaycs, Uaar Rome, Different Worlds, Beyond Differences Onlus, OmofobiaStop, Coming Out and Gay Village, gather all supporters of civil rights pressoPiazzale Flaminio, where there will be a Flash Mob for the lack of protection to the victims of homophobia and discrimination. The absence of the Law Against Homophobia has unaeco very strong especially in these times when gratuitous violence vile and unjustifiable you consume and to which the media are giving the right emphasis. Cases of violence are thousands in this country, as well as in the city of Rome, where the homophobic violence is still too much space remains unpunished and prolificando in cultural degradation in which the company is special regard; Also the mayor Virginia Raggi has not yet provided a formal response to an official meeting request signed by 15 associations rainbow, including include numerous national realities, as well as local. The questions from the crowd aimed at establishing a dialogue with the junta newly established, so that it can provide them with answers on what will be the measures and social policies to improve our city just in terms of homophobia and information. Attention and also and above all about the government, from which the movement expect concrete answers, because in 2016 it is unheard of being attacked, ridiculed or marginalized because of their homosexuality! It ‘time to act. It ‘s time to legislate! among which they include numerous national realities, as well as local. The questions from the crowd aimed at establishing a dialogue with the junta newly established, so that it can provide them with answers on what will be the measures and social policies to improve our city just in terms of homophobia and information. Attention and also and above all about the government, from which the movement expect concrete answers, because in 2016 it is unheard of being attacked, ridiculed or marginalized because of their homosexuality! It ‘time to act. It ‘s time to legislate! among which they include numerous national realities, as well as local. The questions from the crowd aimed at establishing a dialogue with the junta newly established, so that it can provide them with answers on what will be the measures and social policies to improve our city just in terms of homophobia and information. Attention and also and above all about the government, from which the movement expect concrete answers, because in 2016 it is unheard of being attacked, ridiculed or marginalized because of their homosexuality! It ‘time to act. It ‘s time to legislate! just in terms of homophobia and information. Attention and also and above all about the government, from which the movement expect concrete answers, because in 2016 it is unheard of being attacked, ridiculed or marginalized because of their homosexuality! It ‘time to act. It ‘s time to legislate! just in terms of homophobia and information. Attention and also and above all about the government, from which the movement expect concrete answers, because in 2016 it is unheard of being attacked, ridiculed or marginalized because of their homosexuality! It ‘time to act. It ‘s time to legislate!


Information Meeting organized LGBTI of captains against discrimination. Organized by “Giovanni Panunzio – Legality Equality Rights. In collaboration with Gaycs Puglia Department of LGBTI AICS for the Apulia Region and the city of Foggia. On the occasion of the International Day Against Homophobia, the LGBTI Observatory captains against discrimination organized in Foggia, May 21, 2018, 17.30, at the Auditorium of the CGIL of Foggia in Via della Repubblica n. 68, a meeting of information and training. The Observatory LGBTI brings together more than 20 associations of the captains, including those that deal specifically with the rights of homosexuals and transsexuals, and aims to bring enforcement actions against discrimination. This meeting, open to the public, has inseristo in this process of social inclusion. The occasion was also to provide for the first time accurate data on discrimination and violence against homosexuals and transsexuals in the captains, which are the result of scientific findings through analysis of university teachers of Foggia Anna Maria Petito and Antonello Bellomo, and empirical, through the work of associations in the area such Agedo Foggia Foggia Arcigay. A mapping of the reality of hatred and violence against LGBTI people in our area, which will kick off on activation of concrete and effective actions to their contrast. For this reason it was important to be present at the information and awareness of a social problem that the President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella, in a statement released just ahead of the International Day Against Homophobia, strongly condemned. Bullying, cyberbullying, hate speech, threats, physical violence, to murder, to imprisonment and the death penalty in many countries of the world against homosexual and transsexual people: our President Mattarella called these phenomena “expressions of inhumanity unbearable” which “are not only a serious wound to the individual, but offend the freedom of all, undermine social cohesion, limit the civil growth”.


With the support of the City of Comacchio. The first national edition of the initiative called “Beach Pride” was held at the Lido of Este (Municipality of Comacchio) 26 to 27 August 2017 where sports and recreational activities are performed with attention paid to the integration, rights, sport, education and equal opportunities. From 9 to 23 Saturday 26 to Sunday 27 the event was held at the beach “Blue Moon”, which is available free beach equipped beach: planned tournaments of beach volleyball and beach soccer, zumba fitness internships, and disco party on Saturday evening. The activities were carried out and managed by the Coordination Emilia Romagna region Gaycs (responsible for the operational coordinator Howard Silena).


From Saturday, June 30 to Sunday, July 1, 2018. Under the patronage of the Municipality of Ravenna, Marinabay Avenue of Nations 12 Marina Di Ravenna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy. A weekend LGBT & friends of the sea, music, sports and entertainment. After the success of the first edition in a new, stunning location in Marina di Ravenna. Many sporting and musical events articulated in two days with the participation of many staff !! Proceeds from the event will contribute to the realization of the project in support to the NHS for the prevention and treatment of HIV and social inclusion of people with HIV and AIDS. In partnership and sponsored by the Infectious Diseases Department of Modena Hospital. GUEST STARS: Cristiano Malgioglio, FRANCESCA CIPRIANI and CRISTINA BUCCINO (from Big Brother Italy 2018) Beach Volley, Beach Tennis competition, Zumba free internship and Brunch .Wet & wilde MR & MRS BIKINI UNDERWEAR contest, happy hour, DJ sets | drag show, Dinner at sunset. “BE PROUD” the big Night party (until 4 am), foam party. DJ MILLA (STRULLE) – SONICK DE BLANCK – ROBERTA Orzalesi (from MUCCASSASSINA & LESWEEK), DRAG QUEEN WITH LUCIANA GOATEE – HEDRIEN SGODIVA- MABEL WISS, LIVE SHOW Beach crew, GOGO DANCERS beach boys from The Block & beach girls, VOICE ALEX – MARCO BLOCK

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