The Roma EuroGames 2019 Outreach Policy is thought to push the participation of people who have difficulties for one or both these main reasons:

1.Economical resources
2.LGBTI visibility in their context

In evaluating the Outreach requests, we will also consider the distance of the candidates a give priority to women, transgender and non binary participants. A personal motivation letter will as well be required, which is for us really important in order to do our best in assigning scholarships to whom really need them.

For this reason, we trust your understanding and your common sense in order to make together Roma EuroGames 2019 a really supportive and inclusive manifestation

The first evaluation step will follow these criteria

a) Employment status
b) Distance class
c) Gender
d) Age
e) Sport (priority to individual sport)
f) LGBTI country status is based on IGLA report

The second evaluation step will take in consideration the motivation letter and could optionally include other checks from the staff

Please fill the boxes, sign and upload to system no later than 30 days to complete the registration.

In order to take into account the various questions you will need to register within the 31.03.2019. By 30.04.2019 all applicants will be informed if and what kind of support will be granted.

At the end of the registration process you can choose whether to finalize the payment or require participation support programme. You can upload the completed and signed form and send it.

If you have entered an incorrect document you will send to the Organization an email to the email address support.registration@romaeurogames2019.org with the subject: OUTREACHREGISTRATION CODE (code that is sent in the registration confirmation email) attaching the correct document.

The overset, registration portal (after selecting the support for the participation) of the request within the period laid down, will result in exclusion from the competition. Each participant has until two days before the closing of the recordings (28.05.2019) to provide this document, after which it will be confirmed or not to EuroGames Rome 2019. It is recommended to charge it as soon as possible.

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